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Aperture Farm, 2019, 'It's Me' Chenin

Aperture Farm, 2019, 'It's Me' Chenin

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Ryo’s Chenin Blanc had many difficult vintages. In 2019, the sugar content rose, and the grapes were ripe enough to be harvested. This Chenin Blanc has an extremely high alcohol content of 14.3%, making it a very rich and heavy wine. If you like Japanese sake, you can almost feel the aroma of Kijoshu. It's not a sweet wine by any means, it's quite dry, and rather than being used as an accompaniment, it's a wine to be enjoyed slowly before or after a meal. Ryo decided that bottling this wine in a half bottle (375ml) would be better than bottling it in a 750ml bottle to convey its appeal.

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