Domaine Nakajima, Nagano

Yutaka Nakajima epitomizes the quintessential Japanese winemaker persona—unassuming, modest, and astute. A devoted artisan with an appreciation for uncomplicated beauty, he crafts elusive wines in a quaint mountain dwelling. The vineyard, situated 850 meters above sea level in Tomi, Nagano, lies at the heart of Japan, nestled among more than a dozen boutique producers in the Chikumagawa Wine Valley region.

Embracing a climate cooler and drier than the rest of Japan, akin to Europe, Domaine Nakajima thrives in cultivating a diverse array of predominantly French grape varieties amid the mountainous terrain. Since 2011, Yutaka Nakajima has meticulously tended to his small slope, nurturing Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Chenin Blanc, allowing tall wild grass and herbs to flourish between the rows. In 2019, he expanded his viticultural repertoire, planting a second vineyard at a higher altitude with Jura-inspired varieties like Savagnin and Pinot Noir.

Despite the challenging terrain, Nakajima's hands-off approach to cultivation, combined with hands-on craftsmanship in the winery using self-made and hand-cranked wooden tools, yields only a limited production of a few thousand bottles each year. To complement this, a delightful pet nat, collaboratively crafted with local farmers, emerges from the hybrid grape Kyoho—a tradition deeply rooted in Tomi.

  • Fattoria Al Fiore, Miyagi

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  • Domaine Nakajima, Nagano

    Yutaka Nakajima was studying at chef school when he discovered wine. With a love for natural wine and a strong affection for Alsace Yutaka got experience working vineyards in the Loire and Baden (Germany). In 2011 he planted his vineyard in Tomi, Nagano with the winery following in 2014. 

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  • Grape Republic, Nanyo

    Grape Republic was founded by restaurateur and sommelier Kazuomi Fujimaki in 2015 who up and moved from Tokyo to the village of Shinden in Yamagata. With no previous experience in winemaking - he set three simple rules for himself: The cultivation must be organic, the wines must be made without sulfur and other additives, and they should preferably have a touch of amphora storage. The goal was to make live and clear Japanese wines in free style using the grapes grown in Yamagata's orchards throughout the 20th century.

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  • Aperture Farm, Nagano

    Ryo Tanabe moved from Tokyo to Tomi City, Nagano with the intention start growing organic vegetables and eventually grapes in 2011. His farm is located at an altitude of 600-800m and is conveniently nestled right next to Yutaka from Domaine Nakajima whom he currently shares a space for brewing.

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  • Les Vins Debrouillards, Nagano

    In the charming Katabashi region of Nagano Prefecture, a unique collaboration blossomed in 2020 when Charles, an American, teamed up with Kabeko, a proud native of Nagano Prefecture, to partake in the timeless tradition of grape harvesting. Tucked away in the heart of Nagano, the Katabashi area is affectionately known as "The Corner District" for its distinctive location perched at an elevation of 800 meters.

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  • DROP, Yamagata

    I first met Masamitsu back in 2017 when he was working with the infamous Kazu ex Grape Republic. After a number of years working as head winemaker at Grape Republic, Mitsu seeked out his own vineyard, renting a Delaware farm in Kubote, Kaminoyama City in Yamagata in 2019, cultivating and brewing wine in the Spring of 2020. 

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  • Ojisan, Nelson, NZ

    OJISAN is an exciting new project by Alex Craighead of New Zealand's KINDELI and Kazuomi Fujimaki ex Grape Republic, Japan.

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