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Fattoria Al Fiore Pack

Fattoria Al Fiore Pack

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2020, Cirol - Chardonnay, Red Millennium 

Cirol and popular Flagship Bianco grapes are brewed together and are ultimately divided into two different wines depending on the taste of the finished product after barrel aging. Add 10% of Cirol's most distinctive feature, Red Millennium, and it transforms into Cirol we all know and love.

2022, Anco - Delaware 

A crowd favourite every year. 100% Delaware, 6 days skin contact aged in amphora. Stone fruits with a lovely saline finish and effortless acidity. Be quick.

2022, Bianco - Chardonnay, Steuben

The Chardonnay is cold-soaked for a few days, then pressed, strained, left to ferment in barrel for 7 months. The Delaware and Steuben are whole-bunched, directly pressed, fermented in open tanks for a week then in barrels and aged for 7 months. The best barrels are selected, bottled as Bianco, and released after six months of aging in the bottle.

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